The ACMPN provides high standards of practice, professional identity, and regulation for the Counseling /Psychotherapy and matchmaking profession. By becoming a member of ACMPN you will be demonstrating to the public, potential employers, and fellow practitioners that you are dedicated to practicing responsibly, ethically and to the highest of standards.


AMCPN welcomes all qualified Counsellors, Matchmakers and Psychotherapists, and other related professions at stated, to apply for membership. There are different types of memberships and the fees are based on the levels. As a ACMPN member, you will have access to:

- exclusive educational programs

- certification, accreditation & licensing programs

- membership directories

- professional networking opportunities

- access and contribution to newsletters/journals

- professional development both local and international

- networking opportunities with professional peers and specialty groups.


There are different levels of membership depending on qualifications and experience. Individuals are expected to choose the one that is most appropriate for them with all sincerity. All membership applications will be verified and scrutinized by the Governing Board.


This is your first level in advancing your career. As a student member it is likely that you are at the start of your counseling, psychotherapy or matchmaking career and also new to ACMPN. It is our intention to guide and support you as you progress to our Professional Membership level.

Student Membership is available if you are undertaking tuition on a certification, diploma or degree (either full time or part time) in the area of counselling, and/or psychotherapy course that has a supervised placement with a minimum of 25 - 100 contact/client hours as an integral part of the course. As a student member in the matchmaking category, you are expected to be undergoing a training on matchmaking practice.


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Professional Member: Individuals who hold a degree or diploma in Professional Counselling; or a closely related profession from a reputable counseling institutes or university may be accepted for this category. Also, If you have successfully completed tuition, and graduated from a minimum of a one year full time or two year part time counseling and/or psychotherapy qualification that included a supervised placement with a minimum of 100 contact/client hours as an integral part of the course, you are eligible to join ACMPN as a professional Member.

To be a Professional Member, one must also be employed as a professional counselor (or a practitioner of a closely related profession) or supervisor of counselors. If a professional member is between positions but job searching, they may maintain professional membership as long as they are seeking employment. Professional members shall be eligible to vote and hold office.

As a professional member in the matchmaking category, you are expected to have undergone and completed training on Matchmaking practice with at least 2 years of consistent practice with not less than verifiable 50% success rate.


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To be an Associate Member Associate, you must have been practicing in the 'HELPS' sector with not less than 5 years experience – examples: members of faith based organizations, NGOs, Social Workers, Educational Institutions. For those in the Matchmaking sector, same applies.


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Organizational Membership is open to organizations fulfilling any of the following criteria:

  • Must be a legal entity in their own right. I.e. not a subsidiary or a department within a larger organization (although these departments may act as the contact point).

  • Offer counseling and/or psychotherapy services to clients.

  • Offer direct services to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

  • Offer training to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

  • Have personnel who use counseling skills in the course of their work.

  • Could be for profit or non for profit


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  • Membership entitles the organization to two FREE copies of ACMPN journals.

  • Discounts on ACMPN publications ACMPN produces books on a range of topics.

  • Member Organizations may nominate ten persons for reduced rates for ACMPN events such as seminars and conferences,

  • Send one representative to speak and exercise two votes at General Meetings

  • Access entries in ACMPN directories under any headings as agreed by the Board of Governors (and subject to any fee). Member Organizations who meet the published criteria may apply for the Service Accreditation Scheme.


Honorary Membership shall be given to Individuals, who are so designated by action of the ACMPN Executive Council, and shall be based on the candidate’s services, support, etc., rendered to the Association. Honorary Membership shall be for life, exempt from dues, and not carry any rights and privileges as assigned to Professional and Associate members.


  • Members of all types must agree to abide by the ACMPN Code of Ethics.

  • The processing of memberships to ACMPN can take up to 30 days.

  • Certificate will be issued accordingly after registration has been verified.

  • Membership cards for the subsequent years will be issued once your subscription payment has been received and processed.

  • Receipts are not issued unless specifically requested.

  • ACMPN only accept evidence of core practitioner training which is primarily based in counseling and/or psychotherapy and Matchmaking.