Benefits For Students

Incentive Program for Graduate Student Members

Attention: All graduating counselling students currently holding a student membership within ACMPN!

We all know that it is not always easy getting your career started upon graduation. There is so much to do and various start up fees to pay. We at ACMPN understand that and would like to encourage you to remain part of the Association for Counseling, Matchmaking & Psychotherapy of Nigeria, to keep networking with seasoned counsellors, and to keep participating in your lifelong learning.

It is for these key reasons, that the Membership Services Committee developed an incentive program for graduating students. In order to qualify for the Professional Program: –

  1. You must have held your student membership with ACMPN for at least one year. It is recommended that you apply as a professional student member with ACMPN one year prior to graduation. When your membership renewal is due, you must apply for and be granted the Association for Counseling, Matchmaking & Psychotherapy of Nigeria (ACMPN).
  2. When you apply for and are granted your certification, your membership fee will be refunded for one year. Please note that after this first year, the regular annual membership fees certification maintenance fees will apply. –

This offer is for graduating students only, and is not retroactive to previous graduates and can only be requested at the time of renewal of your student membership. It cannot be granted if you have allowed your membership to lapse.

We hope that you will consider this opportunity at the time of your membership renewal and that you will continue to be a part of the ever growing and thriving counselling community within the Association for Counseling, Matchmaking & Psychotherapy of Nigeria. Contact us for more information.

For students enrolled in a Masters programme in Counselling, during their practicum:

  • A special rate program for graduate students who have been a student member of ACMPN for a least one year.